Feb 14, 2009

To all sirenians out there, join DALAB now, it helps.

as of tonight:
1 female writes her
222th post
3 half-hours before going to a chinese dinner of
4 different dishes,
5 walking minutes away from home,
6 or
7 or even
8 hours before going to sleep, depending on how fast the
9 pages she decided to finish today will be written.

I just joined DALAB (Draw A List Against Blubber). They had this irresistible add...

v.i.: To sob noisily. See Synonyms at cry.
1. To utter while crying and sobbing.
2. To make wet and swollen by weeping.


BLUBBER is also the thick layer of vascularized fat found under the skin of all cetaceans, pinnipeds and sirenians.

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