Dec 20, 2007

Horties from A to Z

I dreamed of Arturo O. Fleming. In my dream he didn't look at all like my portrait of him. (post Dec.15 ) Not sad and dry and full of reproach and selfrighteousness. No even bald. Does somebody who obviously doesn't exist deserve a shot at ambivalence, at some richness of character? Well, I googled him. Only 3 hits, poor Arturo, all about GGP-spam. One site listed all his 17 brothers (they seem to work in the same field). They go from Arturo A. Fleming to Arturo Z. Fleming. How could their mother have so little imagination?
That's why my portrait isn't good. I just didn't get the right Arturo. The Arturo I draw, and the one I dreamed of are clearly two different brothers.
Do they have a sister?
Yes. She's called Lucia. For a long time now, she has been busy weaving shirts out of neetles for all of them.
Neetles, yes. I'm no native writer but i know all about neetles.

And you never asked how Arturo looked like in my dream.

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