Dec 15, 2007

A fortnights crop (through the firewall)

The last brain-storming party of the GGP (Giant Genitals Peddlers) for the launching of their new SPAM campaign was once again hosted by annmarie curran

Though she seldom comes up with usable stuff ( C..kBigFernando, received 12.10.2007) she's said to have never served twice the same hors-d’œuvres. Everybody needs to eat.

Other attendants were:
arturo o. fleming

(CAUTION! she might be tight when you reach your new size, stretching may be required)
received 12.05.2007

Allegra Collier:

(have a significant penis Graciela)-
received 12.08.2007

Rich X. Avery

(Don't let your average-sized d..'k spoil your romance!)
received 12.11.2007
(Your wife will always crave for your new big rod)
received 12.15.2007

Of course they have been many more. Like many business-oriented organisations, the GGP are extraordinarily busy around christmas. It's party after party, their brains never stop storming.
I wish them some good nice sleep in the year to come.

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