Jul 7, 2012

causality of old love

Absent-minded he walks to the dressing-room, his body happily hurting in the lively way that is the real reason he exercices. Unexpected oriental music makes him turn his head. He stops. To his right the large ball-room is housing paradise. Rows and rows of houris, over a hundred of them! swinging  hips, curving slender backs lashed by long hair. Tender flowing beauty. Belly-dance workshop, a paper taped to the door announces. Hundred navels going fairy maelström.
Once somebody he loved had danced for him on a rooftop. Plump clumsy so daring the sun laughing high in her eyes.
He smiles, the decision he hesitates about for weeks suddenly taken. He is going to spend all his inheritance - to the last penny- on a ticket around the earth in that space shuttle.

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