Jul 24, 2012

69 cloud-spotters


  1. Your posts are too good and mysterious again for me to comment on... that is when they are in a language I can swing my ears around. But I like it! Like it!

  2. Want me to lift the myzstery? I stumbled on this british-based (what else) organization (which sounds more fun then it seems to be), the cloud-spotters, which have 69 portuguese members, on the day after i took that graffiti picture on a beach phone-booth. I should start a phone-booth protection liga, they're disappearing really fast.
    Don't know if you're better or worth with the info...?

  3. Although I'm in general not opposed to mysteries, I thank you for shining your light on it. Cloud-spotters are really cloud-spotters: people who spot cloud formations? Okay... And still the poetry of your post remains. I would perhaps embarras you and myself by telling you how I feel related to your pictures, but there it is.

    I'm not that ignorant, and know the regular meaning of '69', and even 'cloud 69' but I have you in high esteem, so... yes, the info helps and doesn't kill any perverse dreams. Hey JW.