Oct 18, 2012

zero, very tenderly humbled

Somebody got here following the keywords "maquina de plantar salade au brésil". I doubt she found what he was looking for, but welcome all the same.


  1. I went to the cinema yesterday and couldn't forget your complaint about not being any women directors in the Cannes Film Festival. I went to see "Holy Motors" a Cannes contestant. French film. Weird film! Good film as well. But the thing is: there were just 5 people in the audience, me and four other men. The lady who announced the film (as is the custom in my lovely little cinema) started with: "La... hey, I wanted to say 'Ladies and Gentlemen', but I see there are only men here... perhaps it's a men film, ha ha."

    I don't know about that (I don't think so) but I just wanted you to know, to support your Cause as it were. Howdy and have a good weekend.

  2. well thanks. Holy motors didn't yet arrive to the western remotes of europe, but i'm looking forward to it, more because of the man in it then because of the man who signed it, but him also.

  3. Denis Lavant! He's most wonderful.