Oct 5, 2012

araignée du matin

il y a de moins en moins d'oiseaux

(d'un arrière-avant-poste on me couvre de mésanges (et de chats endormis!) pour preuve de la santé du monde à plumes. n'empêche, le mien se racornit et les pigeons ne comptent pas, infâme volaille.)


  1. Dear Zeroglotte...

    [there is no way to express my admiration for your greatness, your beautiful poetic beauty in a way that doesn't violate my own hatred for my own words. In other words: I hate my every letter with great pain but I force myself to praise you because you deserve it. Words and drawings are awesome.]

  2. Dear Martijn,i'm very happy that you like my things and i thank you for taking the trouble to say it. But my greatness?!? and your hatred ??? Around these enormous enormities there must be some pathes you can walk without getting a stiff neck from looking up or down.

  3. Amplitudes are a bit heavy now & then... and I sometimes choose (too?) strong words. Never mind. Enormous enormities are here again.