May 25, 2011

going under, feeling nothing

The plane takes maybe 200 people. Each of us has a personal screen.
An average movie lasts 100 minutes, the oversea flight last 10 hours,  that's 6 movies worth of flying.
Two people are working, and two more reading. This is not a night-flight.
Jet-flight almost abolishes distance. Cinema, paradoxically, abolishes movement by giving us an inner sense of it. 
The beautiful and dangerous manipulative power of film, here very obviously stripped down to one of its bare truth:
an anesthesic. so powerful it's scary. Even sleep looks like a more lively occupation then this overdose of entertainment.

We could be going under in flames, as long as there is a movie to watch, who cares.
Actually we are going under in flames, and there are movies to watch.

is it possible to escape the anesthesy effect?

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