Oct 15, 2010


that's him, Augusto, the 16 euros crow, made near Ferrara, Italy.
I bought him on a steep street in a huge shop full of whatever you will need, could need, don't need but it looks good, to go hunting. And i don't mean just old stopid rifle hunt. From a victorinox ninja sword and antique spicky samurai helmet, to knifes of all sizes designed to kill and skin every kind of living thing, to heavy duty high precision carbon arrows, the place sells everything.
Sorry, but...a lifesize lion? and what's that? a buffalo? A whole zoo of dusty creatures is stashed five meters high in the dark recesses of the places. Very softly the rotund owner explains they are targets for special longbow practice.
You mean there are people whose hobby is shooting at styro lions with longbows? Oh yes! He has a shooting range downstairs, I could take a lesson...

I walked home with Augusto under my arm. He made a success with the old ladies at the backery, that crow. But they all laughed when i said his job was to scare the pigeons.
We'll see.

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