Aug 4, 2008


Things I found while browsing for a victorious Subzero slaying the sudoku dragon : (What ? The web, a time-collapsing device ? Neeeever)
The vortex behind San Giorgio, by Ucello : What is lurking there ? it probably has some clear hagiographic meaning i’m completely missing… White is Good… But Good as a Threat ? It has to be a… time-collapsing device. A very defeated wurm, a very tender horse. George austere and up there. Whatever happens happens between the animals. (it’s in the church of Visnums-Kils, in Sweden). My favorite.
No time collapsing here. Time passes and slowly smoothes.
But I see I broke an unwritten zeroglotian rule : not just fish the Net and display the catch. Won't happen again.

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  1. Ton vortex, ma poule, c'est un cocon de dragon, y'a pas photo.