Mar 6, 2012

visitors with seed present.

Breakfast radio: some scientists studying  the impact of  ever-more-people in Antartica found out that individuals arriving there carry an average of 9 seeds on them. 9 furtive seeds, no pumpkin bag. The scientists discovered this by vacuuming pockets, bags and clothes and going through the findings.

An antartical drama, the introduction of alien species in a fragile ecosystem, but I cherish the idea of every one of us going around with such a bounty of vegetal possibilities. So I searched for a second, and ho, it's not every one... 

"Approximately 30% of the visitors sampled carried plant seeds. Initial analyses indicated that the categories ‘ships crew’ and aircraft crew’ and ‘tourists’ had the lowest proportion of visitors carrying seeds, whereas ‘field-based scientist’ and ‘tourist support personnel’ had the highest proportion of visitors with seeds present."
( from the Aliens in Antartica project, dating 2010, the International Polar Year)

No ships crew for me.


  1. In a way carrying seeds, we are never alone. This remembers me of the musgo graffiti.

  2. musgo graffiti? Crumble, mumble, stumble... o kikié musgo graffiti?