May 5, 2010

Time's peaking point

They say the essence of time is changing. Time is thining, they say, losing its capacity to be filled, packed full of life, or on the contrary stretched into an eternity - of sweetness, boredom, or sheer hell. They say, somebody told me that's what they say, an assertive person with red hair, she said, they say, 60 minutes isn't what it used to be.
This morning i fell into a clear pool of past time, an absolute insignificant morning, there whole before me, a coffee with a forgotten woman in a forgotten kitchen on a rainy day, untouched perfect oldtimer time.
One day, all my time will be in the past.
But tonight i'm going to the movies.

1 comment:

  1. this makes me remember a green film about a man that does not want to grow up and look at time past with pride and time to be with happiness.
    We are a value, you know.