Dec 10, 2008

Protestant abyss

Yesterday I received a heavy letter. "It takes a protestant country to print carrots on international stamps" wrote the Scout Sender, after more important matters. How true thought I, before really looking into the matter. But then I did... Remember me talking about shadow sides? Well and do you see the small inoffensive hole in the wooden board under the carrots? My eyes, long as winter nights, had to peep into it. And this is what they saw: Can you guess where this church stands? Can you? You're right, Korpilombolo.

Ah, outra coisa completamente: o dono indiano da cyber-caverna, a quem pedia um scan das cenouras, como que congelou. Até gaguejou. Queria saber se eu era de lá, Sverige. Porque Sverige é onde ele quer ir, onde tem a família, Portugal é só o vestíbulo, o purgatório que leva a Sverige. Não sou de lá, não. Perguntou há quanto tempo estava cá. 20 anos, enrubreci, caindo de outros tantos degraus na escala da sua consideração.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Zeroglotte,
    You have such a sharp and poetic eye!
    There is even a Aurora Borelia in the picture. And the short Divina Commedia of the dono indiano is very touching. Send him my love...(what can you say?)