Nov 29, 2008

3,8 million years, wasted.

In the New York Times, in an article about a new study by Harvard researchers on the premature deaths that could have been prevented if the South African government had provided antiretroviral drugs to AIDS patients and widely administered drugs to help prevent pregnant women from infecting their babies, this :

« The 330,000 South Africans who died for lack of treatment and the 35,000 babies who perished because they were infected with H.I.V. together lost at least 3.8 million years of life, the study concluded. »

3.8 million years ago, in that same South Africa, some apes very very slowly began to discover their front paws could be used for more then just locomotion. (Almost 2 million years later, they had hands with opposable thumbs and weren’t apes anymore.)

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  1. some people eat numbers just to do additions and stats.

    and they are only satisfied when the final number is very big, so they can phone a newspaper...

    where is the little number one?

    that one is you.