Feb 9, 2008

Tracy's legacy

Younger sister to six Arturos, older sister to eleven, how was Lucia to grow into a woman? This was Tracy the neighbor's worry, since the mother of all Arturos couldn't care less, feeling as she did that Lucia would get all the attention she needed. And actually she did, was taught to scramble the eggs of mocking birds and to climb rainpipes one-handed, but it was not the kind of skills Tracy was thinking about. One even could say that the terrible division in the Fleming family has its origin in her teachings.
(Lucia says this is crap. She never had a chance, not as one girl against 17 boys, but as one Lucia against 17 Arturos. Arturos, when they are more then, say, 5 or 6 together, bond into an alloy that's almost impossible to break into, even by Tangy Sweetness, Lucias traditional B&E weapon.)
What did Tracy teach?
The neetle-weaving,of course.
Historically, a godmother's gift
Technically, one does it, as one does linen, it´s hard, but not complicated.
The addictive component of it was not mentioned.

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