Dec 2, 2013

Monte Agudo, ontem é sempre hoje

"hoje é sempre ontem," Wesley Duke Lee, via Daniel Blaufuks 


  1. Obrigado!

    [You know... after three trips to Portugal and two attempts at learning the language by 1950's and 1990's courses, I still don't know if "obrigada" is supposed to be said BY of TO a lady. No one ever laughed at me when I said 'obrigada' in the supermarket to a female cassier, but I'm still not sure.]

    Whatever: thanks for your poetic and beautiful posts!

  2. of = or

    (of is the Dutch word for or)

  3. obrigado is an adjective, as in much obliged, and gender-bound. theoretically you say obrigado and i say obrigada. in true life though, everybody says whatever comes first, one or the other.