Oct 7, 2013


au soleil
la première lessive des nouvelles voisines
trois mouchoirs



  1. I dedicated a blog post to you. Perhaps the wrong one... I also wrote one about Babar, French language and being unable to understand it for many reasons at once... But this one had something to do with you too.

    No need to read it, just as an 'a votre information'.

    I still enjoy your blog tremendously.

  2. i've read it. and i don't understand. but then probably that's what you mean.

  3. Huh? Is my English so bad or the idea of the story? It's basically like this: you take egg shells, put them in a stainless steel bowl with water and swirl them around to produce an hypnotic sound... a sound the sea makes on a beach filled with Coral rubble. It's what a man in a cold Dutch town can do to feel exotic.

    It made me think of how they made sound effect for the radio in the olden days... or for films. Perhaps you're right and is my story too personal... I'm too familiar with my own thoughts to write for others. Never mind...

  4. It was about 'things so small that...' and 'parallel evolution', perhaps also 'imaginary lovers' or other themes of yours. But of course, I will take the dedication off if you don't like it.

  5. No need for that, Martijn. Thanks for the dedication, and the explanation. It's was not the story i didn't understand, but the dedication. Take it easy.