Nov 14, 2009

power of life and death

If cats and dogs had a longer lifespan then we have, so they'll see us be born and die, would we still keep them as pets?


  1. parrots, the pet of the sailor - on the sea, where time is so much longer.

  2. People would inherite them generation from generation. But the question remains : wouldn't they prefer a new genes' experiment?

  3. Your artwork, as always, is beautiful. It is so good that I feel affection for the dog.

    As it is dogs and cats can live over 15 years. Not all people are up to this commitment.

    The sadness caused by loosing a longtime companion would then become theirs, if they outlived us. I think we should live and die together.

  4. Thank you!
    he really is a very sweet dog.