Jan 25, 2009

Absolute shelter and the mail

ok, this is going to be pretty disheveled:
as I already wrote here, the columbian writer and diplomat of swedish descent Léon de Greiff (1895-1976) spoke about Korpilombolo as the "absolute shelter", even if he only visited there shortly, once. He, says Wiki, meant it as a philosophical metaphor.
But if... (short break. it began hailing all of a sudden, i had to run and save my washing) But if you look at one of these world-maps for climate change, like in 40 years or such, when the temperature has risen, the water is up, mass extinction of beasts, plants and humans has occurred, Korpi will be one of the very few places that could still be more or less habitable. Is that why quite a few people disembark on zeroglotte on the "Korpilombolo Project" tag? What are they looking for? Real-estate? A survival group living off cloudberries and dried reindeer?

If you had to invent a mean of communication/information/storage for a energy-crazed civilization living on a planet of finished resources, and working tirelessly at her own doom, what would you come up with? Logically, I mean, in an Darwinian evolutionary way? Survival-of-the-most-likely-to-bring-it-all-to-an-end? You'll invent this beautiful super-effective energy-driven device that's so easy and fun to use that in no time every thought and word and image of that civilization will be stored in it, to the point that many many many things will only exist in the device. So when the energy begins to lack, the people will be cut from their artefacts and...and what? It's just that bit-sized instantly rewarding stuff (any stuff) seems the perfect food for a dying person, cat, sycamore.

But of course the virtuality is what makes me free. A little bit freer.

ok, this was not only disheveled, but plain brooding. and not very...clear.

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  1. Such a sad and peculiar coincidence: de Greiff ’s poetic ”absolute shelter” turns into a life buoy in a flooded world. It is worrying.

    Your brooding is not very…clear.

    But it makes me think of yesterday. Me and my brother visited my old mothers apartment to clear her …stuff. We found, among other things, a bundle of letters. Letters from my mother, from my father, from my brother and from his friends, all written during a period when he, in the teens, lived abroad during some months. Various sorts of sprawling handwriting, diction of all kind, things told or hinted, miscellaneous questions and affirmations, different voices…all in my hand.
    I virtually love real stuff.